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Fireplace refacing, residential remodeling, home improvement
Entertainment area remodel in Castle Pines

Fireplace Refacing in Roxborough

Fireplace Refacing in Wheat Ridge

fireplace installation, roxborough, residential remodeling, home improvement
Fireplace Addition in Roxborough

Fireplace refacing, fireplace remodeling, residential remodleing, home improvement
Complete fireplace remodel in Centennial

fireplace refacing, ken caryl, residential remodeling, home improvement
Fireplace Refacing in Ken Caryl

Fireplace refacing, fireplace remodel, home improvement, residential remodeling
Fireplace Refacing in Roxborough

fireplace installation, basement finish, Roxborough
Fireplace Installation in Roxborough

fireplace refacing, ken caryl, residential remodeling, home improvement
Fireplace Refacing in Ken Caryl

fireplace refacing, ken caryl, residential remodeling, home improvement
Fireplace Refacing Ken Caryl

Fireplace refacing, rennovations, home improvement, highlands ranch
Fireplace refacing in Highlands Ranch

fireplace refacing, Roxborough, residential remodeling, home improvement
Fireplace refacing in Roxborough

fireplace refacing, remodeling, residential remodeling, home improvement, littleton
Fireplace refacing in Aurora

fireplace refacing, bathroom remodel, bath remodel, roxborough, littleton
Master bath fireplace in Roxborough


Ideas to consider when refacing a fireplace


A fireplace is a primary focal point in any room, but yours may be screaming for a face-lift. You have a variety of choices when it comes to fireplace refacing, from natural stone to stone veneer, wood or glass tiles. You can even repaint your existing brick for an inexpensive solution to a much-needed upgrade.


Glass Tiles


1. Fireplace refacing with glass tiles is a labor-intensive and expensive project, but the results are well worth the trouble and the expense. A glass-tile fireplace shimmers with translucent color and is a striking focal point in your room. You can apply the tile directly over the brick or over drywall, but you shouldn't apply glass over a combination surface. Masonry and drywall retain heat differently. The glass could crack if one section heats up faster than another.





2. A slate-tile fireplace is a beautiful choice for fireplace refacing. The rustic, uneven charm of the slate creates a distinctive pattern on the surface of your fireplace. You can add the slate tile directly over the brick, or you can cover the brick with plywood before adding the tiles for a more even substrate. Apply your slate tiles with thinset mortar. Depending on your design choices, you can elect to have a grout line between each tile or you can lay the slate with no grout for a smoother surface.



Stone Veneer


3. You can find stone veneers made from a variety of real stones for your fireplace refacing project. These products are lightweight and easy to install for a custom finish that appears to be a fireplace made completely from solid rock. The veneers are thin and can be applied directly over concrete, brick or any structurally sound surface.





4. Fireplace refacing with a wood surround will dramatically change your room's appearance. You can create a design with wood strips that run horizontally or vertically to the ceiling, or you can design geometric shapes like square blocks, triangles or rectangles to add interest to your fireplace. If your original surround is brick, you'll want to cover it with a plywood backboard before you install the wood facing. Paint or stain your wood before you attach it to the plywood for easier finishing.





5. The least expensive way to reface your brick fireplace is to paint it to coordinate with your room's décor. Some paint suppliers recommend preparing the masonry surface with conditioner prior to painting, and then following with latex primer and paint. The most important aspect of painting brick is preparation; thoroughly remove any debris with a wire brush and a vacuum before cleaning it with soap and water. The brick should be completely dry before you apply the primer.











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