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What you get from The Perfect Edge Remodeling Services:
  • We make you $$$$$$$
  • (Because of our quality of workmanship, you can expect your investment value to increase significantly)
  • We save you time.   
  • (Because we have a full crew for each project, we will be on the jobsite everyday until it's completed)
  • We provide you with a great contracting experience.   
  • (Because we communicate with our clients, you will always know what we are doing and how the job is going.)
  • We will give you peace of mind.    
  • (Because we don't subcontract our part of the work, you will always know who is on the project.)


Home Remodeling, Residential Remodeling, Bath remodeling, Kitchen remodeling, Basement remodeling, Window and Door replacement, Deck installation.

We service Roxborough, Littleton, Centennial, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Ken Caryl, and other SW Metro communities.


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Industry Tips on Hiring a Contractor


  • It is extremely important to compare costs before making a financial commitment toward any home improvement project. You should solicit at least two or three bids from prospective contractors.
  • Discuss bids in detail with each contractor, making certain you understand the reasons for any variations in the prices. Do not automatically choose the lowest price. One contractor's bid might be higher because the materials to be used are of a better quality or because the work will be especially thorough and therefore, require more time and labor. (A contractor could be the lowest bidder because he is taking shortcuts that will compromise your project and create additional work later, or he could be giving you a low-ball price to get the job and after the project is started come up with a large number of "additions" that will add a significant amount to the final cost.)
  • Ask the remodeling contractor for local references (recent projects) and find out if these customers were satisfied with the contractor's work. If possible, visit and inspect their completed projects.
  • Find out if the contractor is a member of a professional association which has standards or a code of ethics for remodelers.
  • Contact your local BBB to learn how long a contractor has been in business and if the firm has any complaints filed against them with the BBB.
  • Another important matter to consider before hiring a contractor is the matter of insurance. Ask the contractor if the company is insured against claims covering property damage and personal liability in case of accidents. If they don't have a copy of their General Liability Insurance, call their insurance company to verify their policy.
  • Finally, check with your state, county, or city housing authority to see if the contractor must meet certain licensing and/or bonding requirements in your area. If so, make sure your contractor is properly licensed and bonded.
  • Never pay a contractor for the entire job in advance and avoid paying in cash whenever possible. (Ask for a lien waiver upon completion and payment of the project.)

Happy Homeowner Gone Bad!

There are many horror stories about remodeling projects gone bad.
In order to figure out how to prevent that from happening to us, we need to analyze the experiences of those who have been through the "happy homeowner gone bad" experiences.

Here are a few:

RPT-I purchased carpet and tile on May 31-Installation not completed until August 10. Poor workmanship on the tile. Poor customer service. I think Home Depot has seen its better days and I am selling what little stock I have in that company.

John-Two appointments with the Home Depot subcontractor have resulted in no shows. Unfortunately, I had more faith in the Home Depot name than their reputatuion deserves.

Dorothy-It took Home Depot from July 19th to November 5th to install 8 cabinets in my kitchen. Their specs were incorrect and the cabinets had to be reordered. This was a nightmare. Home Depot needs to stick with selling lumber and nails.

Zee-I had a kitchen renovation nightmare also and it was with Lowe's. They had me order stuff that I didn't need, and left out stuff I did need, so I  did not go with their contractor. I hired an independent contractor that was able to right all the wrongs that Lowe's did.

Anthony S.-My experience with HD is not pleasant, I had flooring installed by them and had nothing but headaches from the time I ordered it to the time they installed it. No more dealing with the "big box" stores. They use subcontractors that are not pros and you never know who they are.

guymontag-The general idea (of big box stores) is to outsource anything and everything to the cheapest bidder, squeeze the contractors dry once on board, then repeat the bidding process once they go out of business. The trail of dead and dying contractors not only doesn't cost anything, but represents the true saving by not bringing the work in house.

So, now that we know some of the problems, what are the solutions?
Many people on these blog sites, remodeling websites, and home improvement websites have shared their opinions regarding what you can do to ensure a positive and satisfying remodeling experience.
Here's what some people have to say:

Robin-It comes down to this-you get what you pay for! Home Depot has great prices on materials for projects you are going to do, but when it comes to installation, they subcontract out to the cheapest bidder and most of the people doing the installation are not nearly as good or qualified (or they'd be working on their own) as they should be.

Tom-I empathize with your problems. Unfortunately it's a matter of really researching who you're going through.Making sure they are certified, and more importantly, warrantied. All contractors should be accountable for their work. Make sure they have a history, are licensed, and ask for references.

Teresa-Stay away from contractors who don't come with a recommendation.

The Dept. of Consumer Affairs says, "Get estimates from several contractors, and don't take the cheapest bid if it's significantly lower than the others. Ask for references, and talk to those references. Get a written contract. Get a warranty. Don't make the final payment until you've looked at the final job."

Home Renovation says, "Be wary if the contractors you are looking to hire are not busy. Get several estimates. Make sure they have insurance. Ask for references."

Tom Silva of This Old House says, "Get recommendations, get several bids, set a pay schedule, throw out the lowball price, and get a contract."

And here's what my clients are saying:

B. Pierson-Doc is very thorough and does excellent work. He was also very conscientious of out time and schedule.He did everything he said he would and charged us a very fair price. We'll definitely use The Perfect Edge again for other projects. I couldn't be more pleased.

The S. Family-As many of us homeowners have discovered, it is very difficult to find contractors that are reliable and have integrity. I have finally found in Doc, both a man with a plan and integrity. His work ethics are professional and friendly. He was able to take over an existing job for us and surpassed our expectations. He showed up on time, with the right tools and did the job as he said he would. Thanks a bunch Doc!

A. Corporan-I will recommend The Perfect Edge to anyone that wants work done in which he specializes. There are no surprises when the work is half done or completed, his attention to detail is outstanding, and the time frame to get the job done is right on!

T. Dopp-I'll definitely use you again. Excellent experience!

If you want a good remodeling experience, and a great final product, you will have to do a little bit of homework.
1.Try to find someone who is referred.
2.Get more than one bid.
3.Don't work w/ contractors who make appts. and don't show up.
3.Get references from previous customers.
4.Ask for a copy of their insurance.
5.Make sure the bid is very detailed as to what is being done.
6.Get a contract.
7.Ask them what their warranty is.
8.Don't pay more than 1/2 up front.

And don't forget to call The Perfect Edge!


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